This course is based on VCI syllabus (VMC 211), covering topics on,

  1. Introduction and history of Microbiology.
  2. Morphology, structure, growth and nutrition of bacteria.
  3. Classification and nomenclature of bacteria.
  4. Sources and transmission of infection.
  5. Pathogenicity, virulence and infection.
  6. Resistance and susceptibility of host bacteraemia, septicaemia, toxaemia. endotoxins and exotoxins;
  7. Bacterial genetics. Plasmids, Antibiotic resistance.
  8. Introduction, morphology, growth, nutrition, reproduction in fungi, Classification of fungi.
  9. Introduction to viruses: General properties, Replication, Cultivation and Purification of viruses.
  10. Cell-Virus interactions. Viral genetics. Interferon.